Why Don’t People Realize the Worst is Yet to Come?

The first lede drafted for this article included the number of Americans who have died because of covid19. Two days later, the number has gone up by 5,000+. By the time you read this article, it will have gone up even more. So I don't have a good lede, but I am very, very depressed and very, very angry.

We were told if we stayed at home for six weeks, things would be better. They’re not. They’re only getting worse.

idiot pence
As the death toll of Americans climb by the thousands each day, there is a bizarre message coming from leaders, almost exclusively Republican, that the worst is behind us. I don’t know why they’re lying to us but they are. Every single indicator points to May being much worse than April, which was much worse than March.

The stay-in-place orders were never meant to eradicate covid19. The goal was to “flatten the curve” and buy our government time to get everything in order for a safe reopening.

In other countries, this is precisely what happened. South Korea had its first confirmed case on the same day as the United States and they’re playing baseball this week. Glorious, glorious live sports. We are, obviously, not playing baseball.

As much as the Trump Administration’s failure to do anything in February was bad, I’d argue their failure to do anything in March after states began taking action is an even bigger and more destructive failure. One that will cost even more lives.

We stayed home to give our government time to acquire tests. We still don’t have enough tests.

We stayed home to give our government time to map out contact tracing. We have no plan.

We stayed home to give our government time to flatten the curve. Without a national strategy, it didn't.

For all the media coverage given to the small percentage of idiots protesting for haircuts, the overwhelming majority of Americans played our part. We stayed home. We didn’t go out. We didn’t risk ourselves or others. We’re wearing masks to the grocery store and social distancing when in public.

Unfortunately, that small percentage of idiots, including the small percentage of idiot governors, means that the curve has not been flattened everywhere. States like Georgia and Texas are actually opening up as cases hits new high. Florida is actively hiding information on covid19 cases to re-open.

We were warriors by staying home. Now, the President wants us to be “warriors” by risking our lives to save the economy.

There are no detailed plans for re-opening, as states move at different paces with different steps. Contract testing is nowhere where it needs to be. We essentially being led to our doom because our government did nothing to protect us.

Even more infuriating is the notion that this is all somehow China's fault because they suppressed information. For starters, that’s the same thing our government is doing! More importantly, everyone knew China was suppressing information. Covid19 already obliterated parts of Europe before getting here, so the only person on the planet who believe the Chinese was our dear leader. Sorry big guy, China is not your get out of jail free card as American bodies pile up.

It’s so painful to watch other countries outline specific actions needed to safely let its citizens resume daily life, while our President publicly pines for injecting Clorox and the White House privately plans for a double in the number of daily deaths.

Yes, you read that correctly. They know the current path we’re on will double the number of deaths per day in this country and they don’t care.

On top of the health failures, our government has also created a new Great Depression. Canada is giving citizens thousands of dollars per month for three months. The United Kingdom is paying employees up to 80% of salaries during lockdowns. Every other country on Earth is focused on ensuring citizens are safe and not wanting for money.

Here? Steven Mnuchin is saying with a straight face that one $1200 payment will get people through three months while 30+ million people find themselves unemployed.

idiot trump
This week, the messaging has shifted so completely that Republicans are publicly acknowledging Americans will die to save their precious stock market. Instead of a true rescue bill, they’re choosing the deaths of Americans. Instead of prioritizing our lives, they are prioritizing the economy. More Americans will die.

As much as I keep saying Americans will die, there’s no indication any Republican not named Mitt Romney or Larry Hogan cares about us. Our lives are that insignificant to them. Just this afternoon, Axios reported Trump believes covid19 death numbers are being over-counted, despite the overwhelming evidence that deaths being under-counted.

Boy, I can’t wait for the President to tell friends and family of those who have passed that they’re wrong. We’ve reached the “Sandy Hook parents are faking it” portion of the proceedings and it’s so gross that you want to vomit.

The worst part? We haven’t reached the bottom. More people will die. More people will lose their jobs. More businesses with shut down. All of this was completely and totally preventable. But it’s too late now. We’re on the highway to hell and we’re the only ones on it.

South Korea will enjoy baseball. Germany will enjoy soccer. We’ll enjoy nothing.

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