Classic YouTube: Bobby Vee's The Night Has A Thousand Eyes

Every Saturday morning at 11am, this post looks at a Classic YouTube video. Enjoy! 

How has no one covered this song recently?

bobby vee
The title is right there. A song about being watched when you go out at night? And this was written 50 years ago when it was literally just eyes out there. Now, as evidenced by Jay-Z and Solange, there are 1,000 types of eyes watching you at all times.

It is also a perfect pop song. If you listen to it once, you will listen to at least three more times. The hook is so catchy that it borders on unfair. You could put two decent rap verses around the hook and you have yourself a gold record.

But I'm not writing because of Bobby Vee's voice or the song's sonic beauty. Now, I'm here because of the video.

When it starts, as the music kicks in, and you see cars on a freeway, you start think this is going to be a pretty cool video. It quickly moves to a closeup of Bobby Vee on a motorcycle. Yes, it's fake and he's in front of a screen, but it's the 1960's and you're willing to forgive that. For the first 30 seconds, you're on board and you want to know where he's...

Oh my God, where is going? It is the beach party of Don Draper's hallucinations after he smokes too pot. I can't describe it because you need to see it for yourself. Then decide if your favorite is the seaweed girl, the kicking girl or the dancing handstand man.

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