Classic YouTube: A Cobra Bites Macho Man Randy Savage

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This is the realest pro wrestling ever got. A cobra bit “Macho Man” Randy Savage. In the years since this legendary piece of pro wrestling history took place, many other wrestlers have since declared that Savage was absolutely nuts for letting a snake bite him. I would have to agree.

savage cobra wwf
If you weren’t following the WWF in 1991, Savage had married his long-time manager (and real-life wife) Miss Elizabeth at SummerSlam. But the devious Jake “The Snake” Roberts ruined the wedding reception by presenting a gift that was actually a cobra.

Man, they do not do wrestling like they used to.

Savage was no longer an active wrestler because he had lost a career match against the Ultimate Warrior at WrestleMania 7. So he was only an announcer. Why did he show up to the announce table in his full wrestling gear every week?

Don’t ask questions.

So the feud continued even though Savage couldn’t actually wrestle. It would take something severe, right, to get Savage reinstated. It doesn’t get much more severe than this.

As you watch the clip, I want you to listen to the crowd. They are freaking out in the best way possible. It is clips like this that shows when done correctly, pro wrestling is an art form just like a play is. The goal is extract emotions from the live crowd. Everyone in that arena – and everyone watching at home, including a stunned 9-year old me, will never forget it.

It’s only a shame the angle occurred during a down time for the WWF, as Hulkamania was winding down and the steroid trials were about to put the whole company on the brink of bankruptcy. It doesn’t get the due it deserves.

It is amazing:

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