The Tail Wag: The Bruins Lost Game 7

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I cannot stand the Boston Bruins. I grew up in Connecticut as a New York Islanders fan thanks to my Grandmother having season tickets. So the Islanders were always tops. But the NHL was much different back then and the divisions were more pronounced. Yes, they have returned but in 1990, there was zero chance, basically, that the Patrick Division Islanders and Adams Division Whalers would play.

lucic bitch
That is a long-winded way of saying I was okay with rooting for the Whalers. And yeah, they sucked most of the time. But they were our bunch of sucks. It's there's always one "Let's Go Whalers" chant at every UConn football game and why Brass Bonaza gives me goosebumps.

However, there was one aspect of the Whalers that made me angry. There was a large contingent of Connecticut hockey fans that rooted for the Bruins. And whenever the Bruins took the Mass Pike to 84 for a road game, the Civic Center would be filled with annoying, loud and obnoxious Bruins fans.

And people wonder why the Whalers left?

The big, bad Bruins have returned thanks to a Stanley Cup win in 2011. As with most things Boston, the Bruins fans have been annoying, loud and obnoxious as their team returned to the Stanley Cup Finals last year, only to lose in the most glorious way possible.

This year, the cheapshot artists in black and gold had to face their long-time rivals in the Montreal Canadiens. As a fan of the NHL, I tend to root for big-market teams in the playoffs or star players because I want to see big ratings for the league. That's why I love the Blackhawks.

However, I wanted to see the Bruins lose. I loved how Montreal mocked Lucic. I loved how P.K. Subban was taking such glee in beating the Bruins. I loved this quote from him after Game 6, "It’s going to be great. I can’t wait for the crowd, the noise, the energy in the building. I can’t wait to take that all away from them,"

The best part?

They did it! They won Game 7 in Boston and made those annoying, loud and obnoxious Bruins fans walk out quietly, with their head hung low and making excuses for their season.

Lucic, the fakest bully in sports, threatened Dale Weise in the handshake line like a classless coward. It was the most satisfying ending I could have possibly imagined.

Bye-bye B's.

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