Classic YouTube: 1990 PBA Greater Hartford Open

Every Saturday morning at 11am, this post looks at a Classic YouTube video. Enjoy! 

It's kind of crazy to think about now but pro bowling was a weekly staple on broadcast television, getting the same type of exposure that the PGA Tour got. Yep, just about every weekend in the 1980's and 1990's, the PBA would be featured on ABC's Wide World of Sports.

The sport still gets a decent amount of television time on ESPN, but it's usually on against the NFL on Sundays and that's a losing proposition. You'd think with the explosion of sports network that the PBA would get a look from NBCSN or Fox Sports 1 in an effort to provide more live sports.

Regardless, pro bowling is a very, very niche sport. And as you see from this clip, a niche sport that has changed very, very little in the past 25 years. Sure, the hair styles may have gotten marginally better but the fundamentals of bowling and a broadcast of bowling has not changed.

Enjoy this full broadcast of the 1990 Greater Hartford Open, but you only really need to watch the first four minutes to get a feel for everything bowl was in 1990.

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