Classic YouTube: 2010 World Cup, Uruguay vs. Ghana

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This is the best World Cup game I have seen live. It is also why I love Luis Suarez.

The game included multiple ridiculous saves. A spectacular strike from way back from Ghana to open the scoring. A curling goal on a free kick from Diego Forlan that would make David Beckham jealous.

But as with all things Luis Suarez, it was all about him.

In the final desperate seconds of the game, Ghana should have won. Suarez, however, did not let that happen. Standing on the goal line, he turned into a goalie and made a save. Of course, Luis Suarez is not a goalie so it led to a Ghana penalty kick with the score tied and the clock on figurative zeroes. The kick missed. Uruguay advanced. And Luis Suarez became a legend.

As I watched it, I was spellbound by how breathtakingly smart it was of Suarez to do that. At that point in the game, with no time left, it made perfect sense. You'd rather take your chances on a penalty kick than a definite loss, right?

In the aftermath, many painted Suarez as a cheater, which is ridiculous since the team was penalized appropriately. Maybe the rules aren't perfect for that situation but Suarez was acting well within the rules.

Suarez has been a divisive figure, to say the least, in European football, from biting players to being the best scorer in the English Premier League. I know this - whenever Uruguay plays this summer, I will be paying attention.

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