Thank You Louisville, From a UConn Fan

On Sunday morning, the girlfriend had wrestled control of the remote and was flipping channels, in a quest to find reruns of RuPaul’s Drag Race or something, anything that did not involve a basketball.

louisville aac basketball
As for myself, I sat on the couch, visions of Shabazz Napier three-pointers and Kevin Ollie quotes dancing through my head. In a few short hours, basketball would return to quench my never-ending thirst for March Madness.

Unfortunately for the girlfriend, Logo is too close to Bloomberg on the guide and Bloomberg, for reasons that escape me, was running a 30-minute show on the business of March Madness.


She grudgingly agreed to let me watch the last 7 minutes of the show. I wasn’t expecting much. The curiosity factor had me tuned in. Instead, I got an unexpected interview with American Athletic Conference commissioner Mike Aresco.

The interview was fairly tame. Aresco lauded his conference, expressed disappointment with SMU’s exclusion from the tournament* and pumped up the incoming members, particularly Tulsa. He never mentioned Rutgers. He did mention Louisville

*Three teams beat UConn at home this year. Two, Stanford and Louisville, are in the Sweet 16. SMU is playing in the NIT. How Xavier got in over SMU still baffles me. But the Big East is dead so who cares?

What Aresco said about Louisville – especially in the context of an interview where he did not mention Rutgers – was extremely telling and, frankly, something I had never given too much thought. Aresco said that while the AAC will miss Louisville, he is very grateful for having the Cardinals in the league this year.

While many within the AAC circles were rooting against Louisville all year, Aresco took a different angle. He said, astutely, that Louisville had given the league validation.

Holy crap, I thought, he’s right. Louisville did a lot more good for the AAC than I ever realized.

When it came to football, Louisville was the standard-bearer all year. The preseason hype focused on how easy their schedule was and how they would waltz to an undefeated record. I disagreed. And I was wrong, underestimating how good Teddy Bridgewater was and how bad the bottom of the AAC would turn out to be.

But Louisville made a new star in UCF. In pro wrestling, a new star is made when they beat the old star. Think Hulk Hogan slamming Andre The Giant, then The Rock beating Hulk Hogan, which led to the Rock losing to John Cena. It’s called passing the torch. In pro wrestling, it’s scripted. In college football, it is not.

So when UCF strolled into Papa John’s Stadium and beat Louisville, that was the AAC’s passing the torch moment even if no one realized it. At the time, it was an indication that Louisville was overrated.

By the dawn of 2014, after Louisville had obliterated Miami into a billion pieces in Orlando, some were starting to believe that maybe, just maybe, UCF was really good. With their Fiesta Bowl domination complete, UCF finally got the recognition they deserved.

storm johnson
As we entered the 2014 college football season, UCF is now the league’s standard bearer in football. That doesn’t happen without Louisville.

The league fared better perception-wise on the college basketball side, with its surprising power based on having five ranked teams for most of the year – Louisville, Cincinnati, Memphis, UConn and SMU. As the defending national champs, having Louisville in that mix elevated the league. They played 8 games – home and home against the other four – that were must-watch television that greatly enhanced the league’s visibility.

Again, Louisville lent the league credibility for a year, which meant signature wins for Memphis and Cincinnati. Even the league’s first conference tournament final, though not that close, felt like a major happening with national powers Louisville and UConn duking it out. Did Providence and Creighton feel that way – or were they just making a mockery of the history of the Big East tournament?

Aresco was right in everything he said because Louisville gave the league validation. It gave every team in the league a big-time opponent to play in basketball and football. It raised the level of the league.

I can’t imagine too many UConn fans being angry at Louisville. Yeah, we wish we had gotten the golden ticket to the ACC but we understand what they were doing – UConn was doing the same thing. Louisville is not Pitt, leading the charge against the ESPN TV contract and then using that as motivation to leave. Louisville is not Boston College, flatly turning its back for more money. Louisville is not Rutgers, moving on to the Big Ten with disdain because it happens to be within an hour’s drive of New York City.

What did Rutgers do for the AAC? Nothing, which is about the same that it did for the Big East. The school officials acted like a spoiled brat, silver spoon in mouth, pouting that it had to hang out with poor kids for a year. At one point, they wouldn’t even lower itself to putting the American logo on its fields and courts.

Louisville made no such qualms. Louisville understood what happened and treated the league with respect.

Louisville, unlike Rutgers, deserves the leap to a Power Five conference. In 2009, the ACC would have picked UConn over Louisville. But while UConn frittered away its football prowess thanks to an incompetent former athletic director who hired an incompetent old fart, Louisville hired Charlie Strong and became a Top 10 power as it rose from the depths of Kragthorpe.

Louisville, unlike Rutgers, won games and championships. Louisville, unlike Rutgers, had UConn’s number.

I should be mad about Louisville leaving. But I can’t be. They didn’t do anything UConn wouldn’t have done, they just had the votes to join the ACC because UConn football had hit rock bottom. Timing is everything in life and UConn picked the wrong time to hire the wrong football coach.

The American Athletic Conference may still have a chance at success. There is potential. The TV contract with ESPN is far less lucrative, but provides massive exposure – again, ask the Catholic 7 how those test pattern ratings on Fox Sports 1 feel.

For the AAC, all that matters is winning. The media seems ingrained in their position that the conference is a joke. Only more wins like UCF’s in the Fiesta Bowl and UConn’s over Villanova will change that. It’s possible, though.

In a final bit of irony, every time Louisville wins an NCAA Tournament game, they earn roughly $1.6 million over 6 years for the AAC. They have already earned the league nearly $5 million in the past four days. Or, approximately $5 million more than Rutgers earned.

Fellow fans of American teams, it’s time to tip your cap and root for Louisville. Until they play UConn in the championship game.

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  1. Wow sir. I hope I would have had as much class as you did if UCONN left for the ACC instead of us. (Card fan here). Will pull for Gino against N.D. but not against our women. Lets hope the ACC get to 16 teams and takes UCONN and Cinci.Thank you sir.

  2. Replies
    1. I don't think that means what you think it means.

  3. Wow...this is one of the most classiest article I have read. This was a well thought out article. As a Card fan thank you for this. If we had our way we would had stayed in the BE if others would had. It still amazes me how the BE did not ban together and fight for it.. I do hope UConn and Cindy gets to join us.

  4. Well written and have single-handedly required me to pull for UConn in the AAC from this point forward. Personally, although many fellow Card fans would disagree I'm sure, I enjoyed the rivalry with the Huskies far more than Cincinnati. You should know that even though we won't be playing each other very often from this point forward, UConn fans can take some comfort in the knowledge that Kemba Walker still haunts our dreams. I maintain that the reason Peyton Siva has sprained his ankle twice now with the Detroit Pistons is because it never fully recovered from when Kemba first did it in the BIG EAST championship game in 2011.

    1. I liked the Louisville/UConn played good games in all sports. Basketball was definitely tops, but the football games were equally good. And they even gave the UConn women some good games. I think it was fitting the AAC title game came down to UConn/Louisville.

  5. Classy post. Maybe Louisville was more appreciative of the former Big East and AAC because we knew what it meant to be on the outside struggling to be get in. Our AD has made it a well known point to show our appreciation and loyalty to the old conference, while being upfront and honest about Louisville's desire to get into a different conference. It was that understanding and fear of being on the outside again that motivated our President and AD to out-hussle UCONN's when the opening developed in the ACC. Conference shuffling isn't over, and if the discussions about Apple and Compast streaming live TV to Apple TV are true, the old "market-size" financial model which makes Rutgers attractive, may give way for a viewer-based model which will benefit a great fan-based program like UCONN.

    1. I completely agree! The BIG EAST was so much fun and so great for our athletics programs. Tom Jurich remembers what was like before we got in the big east and I am so proud of how the university did acted in trying to get to where it needed to be. Now that we are in the ACC i just hope our fans will remember these things as well and not lower themselves to act as if Louisville is better then others all because we got invited to the ACC over other schools.

  6. I wish uconn and UC where going to the ACC with us, it makes me crazy a school like Rutgers gets in a major conference when they have never done one damn thing to deserve it. It's a shame what has happened to college athletics because of football.

  7. Great read. But I have beef with one point. Louisville did not just get the ACC invite over Uconn for just the last football hire. We got it for overall commitment to the program. We had already won one BcS game when we got the invite, then we won another. While I will admit we lucked out not going to Phoenix, when we go to a bowl game we bring 20 to 30 K every time, if not more.

    I feel sorry for Uconn, who brought their program up to D1 to help the Big east, only to see some of the same schools that needed their help, leave them through deceitful means. I am glad Jurich took the high road and glad we did it the way we did.

    Although, I will admit to still being bitter about the Un-fair catch. I wish Uconn well and am grateful The CARDS were invited to the Big East to begin with.

    1. My only point was that football was the deciding factor between the two and the timing was in Louisville's favor. Both schools have tremendous basketball programs, men & women.

      I think UConn, frankly, is following the Louisville blueprint right now. And I wish we had our current AD five years ago doing this, as opposed to the last guy (Jeff Hathaway) who was terrible.

  8. This is very well done. Thoughtful, coherent and generally well put together. Makes a heck of a lot of sense too. Nice read. Great job.


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