The Tail Wag: Eric Cantor Loses

Every Sunday morning at 11am, The Tail Wag examines something that made me happy in the past week.

I have never heard anyone say a nice thing about Eric Cantor. So I can't say that his loss Tuesday in a Virginia primary was that much of a shock. Of course, it was a surprise but if anyone deserved the defeat, it was Cantor.

For the past three years, the approval rating of Congress has hovered around 10 percent. It has been a pathetic display of leadership and governing from both bodies, but particularly the House of Representatives.

eric cantor sucks
You could sense that finally, maybe, something would change after the PR disaster that was the last government shutdown. It was done for no reason and accomplished nothing except to further hurt the economy in a misguided attempt to appeal Obamacare, because heaven forbid people get health insurance.

At the forefront of these Republican/Democrat showdowns was Eric Cantor, smirking and smiling like the annoying rich brat at your high school that you couldn't knock down a peg.

Being in a very, very red part of Virginia meant that Cantor was bulletproof. There would be no Democratic challenger that could take him down. So he could smirk. He could spew hateful things about President Obama. He could spend weekends at the Hamptons and not worry about.

But finally, the old "throw them bums out" saying came to fruition.

I cannot say that I am fan of the Tea Party and the man who beat Cantor appears to be even less qualified to do the job. I don't care about that.

I am reveling in the fact that finally, someone in Congress got what was coming to them for driving our country into the ground by dividing it. Whether you are Republican or Democrat, you cannot be happy with how our leaders have performed in Washington.

Every time there was a camera present, Eric Cantor was all too happy to get his picture taken. Now, he gets his comeuppance for it. And I couldn't be happier.

You hate to see bad things happen to good people. It's okay to see bad things happen to bad people.

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