Donald Trump is the Generic Republican

A “generic Republican would beat Hillary Clinton” was the most repeated political commentary of 2016. Turns out it was spot-on.

There were myriad reasons that Donald Trump won but, ultimately, all the signs pointed to Republicans taking back the White House in 2016. Americans have given one party control of the White House for three terms once since World War II. The elder Bush’s Presidency ended with a thud and a crippling recession.

asshole trump
They say politics is a pendulum and it was swinging back toward Democrats. However, the key piece missing in all of this commentary was the portrayal of Donald Trump as an outside to the Republican Party, as if he didn’t just win the party’s nomination.

In effect, this explains why so many moderate Republicans held their nose and pulled the lever for Trump. Working in federal IT within Washington D.C., I know that many of the men and women I work with on a daily basis are Republicans. I know that many of them – who I consider good people – voted for Donald Trump.

Even as they voted for Trump, I know these people twisted themselves in knots trying to rationalize the vote to themselves in the mirror. No one with a conscience could believe that a racist, who admitted to sexual assault, was fit to run this country. These people, instead, out their faith in the Republican Party being fit enough to run this country.

It turns out neither is true. The Republican Party is diseased and Donald Trump isn’t a symptom, he’s the problem.

Look at today’s Republican Party and look who is leading it. It’s Donald Trump and his alt-right allies. It’s racism. It’s misogyny. It’s policy that punishes minorities and the lower class, while providing tax breaks and windfalls to the rich.

Donald Trump is not an outlier. Donald Trump is the Republican Party.

It has been driving me crazy to read Republican after Republican begging their party to stop supporting this madness in the wake of the Roy Moore allegations. Yes, Roy Moore is a disgusting human being and no one should ever vote for him. So was Donald Trump!

What Did You Expect?

The most maddening aspect of the Trump presidency has been the apparent shock from those in the Republican Party that he’s an absolute disaster. This has bothered me from the moment Sean Spicer told us how big his Inauguration Day crowd was. What did they expect? Nothing about Trump – in his business career, his personal life or his campaign – gave any indication he would be any different than what he is right now.

Why did so many Republicans vote for Trump? The answer is that Donald Trump is officially the generic Republican. They spent the past 8 years creeping further and further right, with disgustingly racist overtones and misogynistic undertones.

Think about this – John McCain is no longer a generic Republican. He is now the outsider. Men like Jeff Flake and Bob Corker, unburdened by re-election, have spoken out against Trump and they very much sound like the “generic” Republican that moderate Republicans fantasize about.

I almost feel bad for them, since I was a young Republican a long time ago. Eventually, the social issues became too much of a cross to bear. Yeah, I’m in favor of smaller governments and fewer regulations. But I am much more concerned with, ya know, minorities not being murdered by police, gays being allowed to married and women not being sexually harassed on a daily basis.

Once the President called Nazis “very fine people,” I really thought we were done with the Republican Party. Instead, very few Republicans in power did anything more than provide some nice sound bites. The Republicans in Congress still line up to support the party on vote after vote. They are all complicit. They are all enabling racism and sexual assault. They don’t care.

What has driven me insane are tweets like this one:

The Republican Party endorsed and voted for a man who admitted to sexual assault on camera and has been accused of similar, abhorrent behavior by more than a dozen women. The party of family values? What is she even talking about?

Change will not come until these moderate Republicans grow a spine and take action against the President.

Despite my anger, I do have faith in the future because young Republicans have routinely rejected President Trump. None of the young Republicans I know have shown any interest in support Trump, or racism, or misogyny, in any way shape or form. Yes, we disagree on policy – I really don’t think trickle-down economics is going to work, guys – but we can agree on fundamental issues like “pedophilia is bad.”

I challenge those moderate Republicans to stand up and make your voice heard. How do you that? Leave the GOP. Become an independent.

Yes, vote for Republican candidates that have earned your vote.

No, do not blindly support any candidate with an (R) next to their name.

The generic Republican is now a racist monster who votes for a child molester. That’s not good for our country.  

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